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STP Limited has been one of the leading manufacturers of Construction Chemicals, Bitumen and Coal Tar products in India since 1935. The company takes pride in calling itself “Waterproofers to the Nation”. Our offered product range is manufactured by taking quality assured components and manufacturing methods under the supervision of our experienced professionals For over 85 years, are continuously researching and developing our high-quality products to meet the demands of the Indian market. The company’s product range includes waterproofing, road surfacing, flooring, primers, admixtures, grouts, protective/ anti-carbonation coating, sealant and adhesive, coal tar products and curing/ sealing compounds. These products are widely used in residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructural projects.

Our motto being “Total Solution – Total Protection '', we remain one of the most trusted brands in the Indian construction chemical industry. Our focus is on a strong, customer-focused approach, and timely delivery of quality products at a competitive price through rigorous R&D duly backed by a highly qualified and technical service team with vast experience. The company has well-equipped manufacturing facilities named “Avishkar” across Goa, Gujarat, Chennai, Kolkata, Mathura and Jharkhand. We also abide by a wide network of sales and marketing offices in different cities in India.

STP Road Surfacing Product Features;

  • Rapid Setting (RS), Medium Setting (MS) and Slow Setting (SS) properties
  • Good adhesion to concrete/other surfaces
  • Prevents penetration of water
  • Resistant to rain and cyclic temperature changes
  • Degradation resistant
  • No heating or mixing is required
  • No heavy machinery is required
  • No loss of material as it instantly bonds
  • No sticking to tyres, thus providing longer durability
  • Lower susceptibility to temperature variations
  • Higher resistance to deformation wear and tear
  • Low glass transition temperature which gives excellent performance properties of pavement at low temperatures
  • A stiffer blend reduces rutting and stability at high temperatures
  • Enhances dimensional stability and strength of pavement Improves abrasion and fatigue resistance
  • Reduces structural thickness of pavement
  • Provides better adhesion between different aggregates
  • Delays cracking and reflective cracking
  • Seals hair cracks and small pores in roads
  • Protects asphalt aggregate surface by preventing water penetration

STP Road Surfacing & Repair Product Applications

  • Runways, Airfields, Taxiways
  • Bituminous / concrete surfaces
  • Level crossings and tram lines
  • Internal roads of residential complex/housing society, refineries, power plants, manufacturing industries etc.
  • Expressways, Highway, Parking Lots, driveways
  • Gasoline stations, service stations and truck terminals
  • Zebra Crossing, path dividers, speed breakers, arrows and other similar markings
  • Boardwalks and Promenades
  • Car parking
  • Sports venues and stadiums tracks
  • Toll plaza / Roundabouts
  • Bus lanes, Cycle tracks
  • Tunnel road

707, Chiranjiv Tower, 43 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110 019

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+91 11 4656 1359


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