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Sieger Parking is headquartered in the industrious city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We have been in the business of Textile Automation for over 2 decades. We are a part of Sieger Spintech Equipments Pvt. Ltd.We design, engineer, manufacture & sell multi-level Car Parking Systems worldwide.

Our principle for Design is putting form factors & concepts together to see if they translate to logical content for discussion & innovation. Manufacturing to us has always been more than just making and putting the parts together. It’s about coming up with real ideas, testing the principles through perfecting the engineering.

The technology that has gone into the system is a strong and proven Australian Technology, which was built through years of extensive research clubbed with creative engineering. This has translated into a successful initiative with Sieger Parking to build world-class parking systems. We believe ‘Quality is not something that we can see rather it's something that we can feel’. We concentrate on constant usability, reliability, smooth functioning and everything that it takes to translate a wholesome experience

Our parking products and applications

  • Stack Parking System- aimed to double the parking space above ground/basement type parking.
  • Puzzle Parking System-aimed for optimum use of space on the ground. It is electromechanically designed to go vertically up to 7 levels & horizontally to as much space available on the ground.
  • Pit Puzzle Parking System- aimed for optimum use of space in basement type parking. It is hydraulically designed to go vertically up to 2 levels above ground and one level (PIT) below ground.
  • Fully Automated Parking System- aimed to have horizontal carts in each level and a vertical lift that carries the car from the drive level to different floors.

SF NO. 49, Annur Road, Arasur Post, Coimbatore - 641 407, Tamil Nadu, India

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+91 98947 51798 / +91 97868 99798


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