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GREEN INFRASTRUCTURES SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. - GISPL is an entrepreneurship organization established in 2010 with the help of SINE-IIT Bombay, which started its business as an independent consultant in the field of geosynthetics solutions across India. In 2010 when the availability of an independent design consultant organization in the field of Geosynthetics was negligible in India, we were the first who implemented successfully the idea of providing independent services of consultancy (Designs, Drawings and Supervision) in the field of Geosynthetics. We were not associated with any Geosynthetics manufacturers and labour contractor agencies. By working with us Contractors/ Infrastructures companies have freedom of selection of Geosynthetics manufactures/Suppliers across the world therefore their project completion is not dependent on the mercy of one manufacturer. As a Geosynthetics Consultant (Designs, Drawings and Supervision) We have completed approximately Nine Lakhs square meter work of Reinforced Soil wall (RSW)/ Reinforced Slope (RSS) comprising NHAI, Railways and State governments owned projects. We are the first organization in 2010 that brought the idea of reducing panel thickness from 180mm to 140mm and successfully implemented it in various projects. As a Consultant, our clients are getting site-specific, cost-effective and sustainable design solutions with quality supervision. We are the approved consultant of CIDCO, Navi Mumbai for the construction of Reinforced Soil Wall (RSW) and other Geosynthetics solutions.

Stringent commitment and quality services as a consultant has made us one of the trusted choices for infrastructure companies and contractors. Our team is backed by diligent and experienced members whose main focus is the timely completion of projects with cost-effective designs without violation of codes of practices in India. Till now we have taken up 51 projects across India comprising Reinforced Soil (RSW) walls and Reinforced slope (RSS). By inspiration and on the request of some clients we have completed approximately two lakhs square meter work of RSW/ RSS by supplying the quality Geosynthetics products also along with the supply of Designs, drawings and supervisor at our projects.

Working model as a consultant and subcontractor

Presently the company’s working model as a consultant and subcontractor are:

  1. Designs & Drawings of RSW with the visit of a senior person when required to a contractor,
  2. Designs & Drawings with full-time supervision with skilled staff,
  3. Designs & Drawings with Supply of Geosynthetics Products and visit of the senior person when required to contractor,
  4. Designs & Drawings with Supply of Geosynthetics Products and with full-time supervision with skilled staff,

Completion of work on “Turn-Key Basis” that comprises Supply of Panel Molds/ Block Casting Machine + Geosynthetics, Concrete for casting of Facia including transportation, Erection/Construction of RSW/RSS, Designs & Drawings, Supervision along with skilled personals


UG-151, Dreams The Mall, Bhandup (W) Mumbai-400078, Maharashtra, India

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